Holly Bear


Holly was our first Golden Retriver and the one who made us fall in love with the breed. We got her from a place in Callahan Florida. She was a Christmas gift to Kristin from her grandparents. She was a special puppy from the beginning. She even picked out her own name! Her favorite toy was real footballs (deflated of course so that they may be held). She would always have a football in her mouth especially when we were out by the pool. She would just hold it, not wanting to fetch or give it up, just hold it in her mouth. She also loved tennis balls, my little ponies, and knuckle bones. The pool was her favorite place to be. Whenever we went in the pool with her it was required that she be held in the pool while holding her football. Her butt was also too good for the ground as she would always sit in chairs. Her favorite poolside snacks included oranges, popsicles, and anything anyone else might be eating. She helped raise Roxy and taught her everything she knew. They were best friends, sisters.  At age 9 she was unfortunately diagnosed with osteosarcoma. A terribly aggressive cancer that took her from us too soon. We all cried and our hearts broke the day she crossed the rainbow bridge. We have so many funny memories of her and will always remember the unconditional love she gave to our family. She will always hold a place in our hearts and be missed.