We are hoping for a Fall 2020 litters from

Abby & Indy


Shelby & Indy

If you wish to be added to the waiting list for our puppies, please provide us with your email, male or female, and we will send out an email announcing the birth and acceptance of deposits.

This list does not determine picking order.  Picking order is determined by the order the deposit is received.  You will have advance notice and an opportunity to place a deposit before we publicly announce the arrival on Facebook.  Do not place a deposit without checking with me first for availability – via email allshadesofgoldens@comcast.net OR text/call 904-874-1205. 

This list will reset each litter unless you notify us that you wish to be kept on the list for future litters.

Waiting List

Name        Male or Female Color Requested (White, Light, Medium, Dark)
LeeAnne W. English Cream
Amelia S. Dark Golden
Dwight & Chelsey Male English Ceam
Agata Dark Golden
Chantelle & Tony S. Female English Cream
Ted O. Female
Marlene G. Male Dark Golden
Jade P.
Nychaunda H. Male Dark Golden
Madison B.
Brittney Male Dark Golden
Sara Z.
Rachael P. Male Dark Golden
Jennifer M. Dark Golden
Joe P.
Tracie M. Female Dark Golden
Denise H. Female Light Golden
Jody P.
Bennye S. Female
Arlenne N.
Rychelle F. Female English Cream
Cindy H. Female
Janet D. Dark Golden
Claudia D. Female
Kelsey D. Female
Kathy W. Female
Meghan S.
Saralyn C. Male
Maria S. Male
Willow P. Male
Jessica V. Female Dark Golden
Chloe N. Male
JJ S. Female Dark Golden
Amanda A.
Kelsey G. Female Dark Golden
Jamie S. Female Light Golden
Julie T. Male Light Golden
Michael P. Male
Mandy M.
Sara E. Female
Vivian G. Male
Allison O. Female
Madyson M. Male
Bradley H. Female
Michelle R.
Margot D. Male
Betty S.
Kevin I. Male
Kelly H.
Norm & Linda R.
Morgan G. Male
Courtney R. Female
Courtney M. Male
Vince C. Male
Rochelle K. Female
Amanda M.
Jessica P.
Jessica S.
Marcia L.
Lisa G.
Josh & Chelsie H. Female
Sarah E. Male