Liberty & Indy April 2021

For current videos and puppy updates – see our Facebook page.

If you wish to be added to the waiting list for our puppies, please provide us with your email, male or female, and we will send out an email announcing the birth and acceptance of deposits once we have puppies.

This list does not determine picking order.  Picking order is determined by the order the deposit is received.  You will have advance notice and an opportunity to place a deposit before we publicly announce the arrival on Facebook or our Website. 

Do not place a deposit without checking with me first for availability text/call 904-874-1205. 

This list will reset each litter unless you notify us that you wish to be kept on the list for future litters.

Waiting List

Name Male or Female Color Preference (Light, Medium, Dark)
Savannah R. Female
Ed & Lisa A. Female
LeeAnne W.
Amelia S.
Savannah R.
Pam H.
Sherie B.
Janet B.
Eran L.
Madison B.
Roseanne W.
Bajae W. Male Light
Kelsey D.
Vince C.
Larysa B. Female
Peter S. Female
Elliott T. Male
Maddisen G. Male
Nick G. Female
Stephen D. Male
Angela W.
Annette H. Female
Garrett W. Male
Valerie H.
Angie Z. Male
Ansley S. Female
David T. Female
Heather W. Female
Angela D.
Jessica J.
Skye T.
Justin L.
Sherri P.
Trent W. Female Dark
Lori C.
Gabrielle I. Male
Lia G. Female Dark
Amy M.
Dorothy L. Female
Gayle L.
Mary D. Male
Ed M. Female Dark
Ayushi P. Light
Jennifer H. Male Dark
Carrie P.
Carolyn C.
Daniela K. Male
Travis P.
Carmen F.
Alicia N. Female
Ara A. Female
Sharon J. Female
Olivia J. Female
Christy O.
Susan A.
Levi R.
Jennifer M.