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Kristin Meyer

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Welcome to All Shades Training! I have created this site to help any and all puppy parents with any training needs! I use mixed training techniques with more positive reinforcement than anything. I call my training mixed since it is mostly positive reinforcement where I am rewarding the good behavior, yet a bad behavior I correct. Positive reinforcement training would normally have you just ignore the bad behavior. I prefer fixing it as quickly as possible with different techniques I have used on my own animals that do not hurt or harm them. I absolutely love the experience and bond this training give both the owner and dog! I do not do board and trains due since I believe that training is a way to build a stronger bond with your dog. I am available for in home lessons if needed. I am also available by text most days for any questions or concerns on your dog/puppy. I am a certified AKC Evaluator able to administer AKC Star Puppy, AKC CGC, and AKC CGC Urban tests. I have also worked privately with psychiatric service dogs. Please feel free to contact me about any of your training questions or needs!


In-Home Private Lesson Basics (1 hour session) – $30

Public Private Lesson Advanced (1 hour session) – $30

Group Lessons (2+ dogs and owners for a 1 hour session) – $25 each

AKC Test (Per Test) – $10

Basics will cover all of your basic manners and behaviors in home. It will cover behaviors such as sit, greeting people politely, down, off, stay, wait, and more. With puppies I will help with beginnings of puppy handling and how to help with different aspects of grooming at home. Recommended minimum of 4-6 weeks depending on puppies advancement with behaviors.

Advanced will cover all of the basics in public! Believe it or not, in a public place it can make it harder for your dog or puppy to perform their basic commands due to all the distractions. It will cover how to grab the dog/puppy’s focus when distracted and teach you the behaviors to be able to pass the AKC CGC Test. In public would require meeting at places such as pet stores or hardware stores for training.

If interested in psychiatric or service dog work please contact me and we can discuss a plan!


Potty Training Tips (Coming soon)

Crate Training Tips (Coming soon)