Ruger Winchester Meyer

Born: 6/8/2014

Approx Weight: 90lbs


Ruger is our Medium colored Golden Retriever from Southern Georgia. His favorite activities include wrestling, rolling on his back in hay or grass, lounging around, snuggling, sunbathing, and soaking in the pool. Typically he doesn’t care to fetch or swim far, he’d rather just sit and relax on the step in the pool. He has a very laid back, friendly, and goofy demeanor. His favorite toys include stuffed fruit, rubber pigs, balls, and decoy ducks in the pool. He is at times stubborn but will typically give in if you keep on him. He has completed all basic training. His favorite trick is giving hugs, so don’t be surprised when he jumps up and wraps his arms around your waist! We have tried to train him to sit and ask for permission first but sometimes he can’t help himself!

Pedigree of ” Ruger Winchester Meyer ” SR83235502 LT GLDN

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE – Dutch Blue Boy

SR71678409 (04-13) DK GLDN

Kingdom Hearts Southern Brody

SR39820803 (12-08) LT GLDN AKC DNA#V502126

Kingdom Hearts Dreams of Jakob

SR27978901 (02-07) OFA28G OFEL26 LT GLDN AKC DNA#V496661

Shepherd’s Farm Girl Chrissy

SN78655406 (11-03) LT GLDN

Sophia Marie Golden Girl

SR64277402 (02-12) DK GLDN

Humbly Handsome Hunter

SR58677207 (12-10) GLDN

Too Hot To Handle Haley

SR58433603 (12-10) GLDN

DAM – Sheba of Whitewater Creek

SR81737801 (04-13) LT GLDN

Galbreaths Golden Prowler

SR35458102 (07-08) GLDN AKC DNA#623723

Pappy’s Golden Pride

SN63721804 (08-01) LT GLDN

Cumbass Golden Sugar

SR17392807 (10-06) GLDN

Golden Harvey Girl

SR36999807 (07-08) LT GLDN

White Dove Australian Thunder

SR24034104 (12-06) LT GLDN

Emmie Girl of Pocotaligo

SR20507506 (12-06) LT GLDN