New Puppy Checklist 

The Basics

  • Collar/Harness  
  • ID Tag  
  • Leash (No retractables, as they can easily break snap)  
  • Crate (L to XL)
  • Stainless Food and Water Bowls  
  • Ask Your Vet About Microchipping   


Don’t Forget!

  • Stainless Food and Water Bowls  
  • Bed or Blankets  
  • Training Treats (Try a Variety – Freeze dried are great!)  
  • Toys (Lots of Them & All Types!  Don’t forget baby carrots!!)  
  • Dental Chews/Bones (Whimzees, Beef Cheeks, No Rawhide)  



  • Easy Walk Harness (Works Well With Goldens)  





Our litter is fed twice daily approximately 1 cup in the morning (7-8AM) and 1 cup in the evening (7-8PM). The amounts will increase as they grow! Make sure if you switch foods to do so slowly. Be sure to feed your puppy the amount called for by weight. There is a chart that should be on your puppy’s food bag to show the approximate amount they should have daily. 

We feed them Acana Puppy.