Abbygail Snow Meyer

Born: 9/3/2018

Approx. Weight: 75lbs



Abby is our youngest English Cream Golden! She loves rough housing with the other dogs, especially Shelby. She enjoys snuggling, watching TV, wrestling, and chewing on everything. Her favorite toys include trees, sticks, KONG Wubbas, balls, and pretty much anything she can get her mouth on (including the walls sometimes). She absolutely LOVES the pool! She loves diving underwater and jumping from the side of the pool! She is very smart, adventurous, sweet, and loving. We are loving watching her grow! She has received her AKC Star Puppy and now training for her AKC CGC.

Pedigree of “Abbygail Snow Meyer” SS07712607 LT GLDN

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE – Babyface Murray of the Blue Grass

SR91759208 (07-18) LT GLDN AKC DNA#V848117

Blizzard Royal King of Hillsboro

SR79317106 (05-16) OFA25G LT GLDN

Sir Lucas Skywalker of Casper and Rubicon

SR53251506 (07-13) LT GLDN

Jenny Lou of Lake View Farm

SR35286002 (06-08) LT GLDN

Lacey Lloyd Snow Bride of London

SR81529106 (05-16) OFA27G OFEL27 LT GLDN

Romeo Dewmist of the Dawn

SR75830108 (06-14) OFA25G OFEL25 LT GLDN AKC DNA#V737480

Lloyds Cameo Rose

SR60262208 (05-13) OFA31F OFEL31 LT GLDN

DAM – Sweet Babyface Zoey Dianne

SR88078301 (03-17) LT GLDN

Little Harpe Trails Babyface Finley

SR70611203 (01-14) LT GLDN

Magnolia Goldens Duke

SR49837207 (02-10) LT GLDN

Lit Bit O Golden’s Daisy Belle

SR48660503 (02-10) LT GLDN

Princess Nala XXXVI

SR70535802 (09-15) LT GLDN

Silvermine Babyface Wyatt

SR60166703 (09-11) LT GLDN AKC DNA#V651238

Lacey Grace

SR56090205 (03-12) LT GLDN