Ranger Benelli Meyer 

Born 4/28/2015

Approx. Weight: 80lbs

Ranger is our English Cream Golden Retriever from Texas. His favorite activities include snuggling, watching TV, watching other animals outdoors, being held in the pool, and getting pets. He is very demanding when it comes to wanting to be pet. At times he will hit you with his paw to ask for a pet or attention. He has a very laid back, and sweet demeanor. His favorite toys are balls, bones, and anything that is long and stuffed. He does not swim much but will swim out to you in the pool to be held. He loves being held on his back like a baby when you are petting him. He listens relatively well and is able to be off-leash around our yard. We do have to be careful with letting him off leash however since he does like to try to play with the cat. He has been through basic training and follows all his commands at home.

Pedigree of ” Ranger Benelli Meyer ” SR88657406 LT GLDN

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE – BJ’s Klondike Dream Quest

SR79427204 (04-15) OFA24G OFEL24 LT GLDN AKC DNA#V771816

Owens Mickey The Mouse

SR71731303 (11-13) LT GLDN AKC DNA#V716397

Break Of Dawn I Have A Dream

SR47467602 (12-08) OFA27G OFEL27 GLDN (NET) AKC DNA#V528732

Carais Magic Maggie

SR53945504 (05-12) OFA46G OFEL46 LT GLDN

McKinley’s Little White Snowflake

SR72330905 (12-13) LT GLDN

Indy’s White Ghost

SR47316401 (06-09) LT GLDN AKC DNA#V581546

Juzzies White Ghost

SR61397908 (06-11) LT GLDN

DAM – Fatherland NN’s Daydreaming Sadie

SR79508805 (10-15) OFA25F OFEL25 LT GLDN

Fatherland Reichsburg Castle

SR72460807 (11-13) LT GLDN AKC DNA#V705684

Finley’s Dream Cassovia Treasure

SR58996702 (08-11) OFA31G OFEL31 LT GLDN (SFR) AKC DNA#V630006

Majik Becky Sharp

SR37731701 (01-08) OFA61G OFEL61 LT GLDN (FIN) AKC DNA#V489810

Fatherland Chocolate Mousse

SR5205403 (08-12) LT GLDN

Dewmist Stromboli

SKK 1073719 (12-08)

Dream Max Nanne Gronvall

SR32519202 (12-08) LT GLDN (SWE) AKC DNA#V533066