Indiana Bones Meyer

Born: 3/2/2018

Approx. Weight: 80lbs

Indy is our Dark Red Golden Retriever from Kansas. His favorite activities include rough housing, running, retrieving, hopping around, and playing with hard treats. He has a very goofy, eager, and loving demeanor. He is still learning his size as he grows so he is very clumsy and can sometimes be too rough. But that all comes with still being a puppy! He loves to play with his treats when we give him crunchy or chewy one. He will pounce on it and throw it around! We just passed the AKC Star Puppy Test! Now onto AKC CGC!

Pedigree of ” Indiana Bones Meyer ” SS04370602 DK GLDN

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE – Tank Haar

SR86911406 (04-16) GLDN

Hall’s Golden Bo Jangles

SR56616302 (07-10) DK GLDN AKC DNA#V756490

Schneider’s Golden Reese

SN80116101 (02-02) OFA27F LT GLDN AKC DNA#V191357

Schneider’s Flame of Red Fenix

SR28437803 (03-08) DK GLDN

Chelsie Abigail

SR79807603 (07-15) GLDN

Gunner Blue

SR79512801 (01-14) GLDN (USA)

Kiley Coors

SR65066902 (01-14) GLDN

DAM – Shadow Haar

SR83243408 ( 04-16) DK GLDN

Hayworths Golden Hunter Ichi

SR43975503 (11-12) LT GLDN

Ichi Bon Enu

SR39635501 (11-07) GLDN

Kasey Kool Morrell

SR02857502 (11-07) GLDN

Kamylla Pinki Hayworth

SR66130304 (11-12) DK GLDN

Copper Graber

SR54599506 (05-11) DK GLDN

Precious Princess Neal

SR59190906 (05-11) GLDN