Kloe Elsa Meyer

Born: 10/28/2017

Approx. Weight: 65lbs

Kloe was born from Dixie & Ruger’s Fall 2017 Litter. She was born with a “birth mark” on the left side of her face. This mark is just that, it does not effect her structurally or health wise and she is unlikely to pass the gene along. It is a very rare happening and there are only a few¬†Golden Retrievers¬†out there with black marks. The coolest thing about it is when it occurs no two are alike! Her favorite activities include watching TV, cuddling, being held like a baby, going out on trips to the dog food store, and playing outside. Her favorite toys include balls, frisbees, and large stuffed toys. She has a laid back, sweet, and loving demeanor. She is working on her different commands, but seems to only really want to listen to Kristin when treats are not involved.

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Pedigree of ” Kloe Elsa Meyer “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE- Ruger Winchester Meyer Dutch Blue Boy

SR71678409 (04-13) DK GLDN

Kingdom Hearts Southern Brody

SR39820803 (12-08) LT GLDN AKC DNA#V502126

Sophia Marie Golden Girl

SR64277402 (02-12) DK GLDN

Sheba of Whitewater Creek

SR81737801 (04-13) LT GLDN

Galbreaths Golden Prowler

SR35458102 (07-08) GLDN AKC DNA#623723

Golden Harvey Girl

SR36999807 (07-08) LT GLDN

DAM- Dixie Belle Meyer

SR83180402 GLDN

Stan The Man Elliott

SR61126508 (06-12) GLDN AKC DNA#V731218

Jessie Duke Cooper

SR51406106 (06-10) LT GLDN AKC DNA#V613907

Anna Bell Cooper

SR47149501 (05-09) LT GLDN

Harley Gurl Elliott

SR49004607 (06-12) GLDN

Clay’s Bo Boy

SN61941201 (02-03) DK GLDN

Bo’s Dixie Chick

SN89598403 (02-03) LT GLDN