Princess Liberty Meyer

Born 2/25/2016

Approx. Weight: 85lbs

Liberty is our English Cream Golden Retriever from Northern Georgia. Her favorite activities include chewing bones, watching TV, digging, snuggling, and rough housing. Her favorite toys include rubber pigs, ropes, bones, and balls. She has a very loving, playful, and attentive demeanor. She is extremely smart and very driven to please even though she can be stubborn at times when her siblings are around. When she is alone she listens very well. She was very impressive throughout her training and earned her AKC Star Puppy and AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) titles. 

Pedigree of ” Princess Liberty Meyer ” SR92046701 LT GLDN

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE – Quasimodo Fowler’s Land

SR83693801 (11-14) LT GLDN (SRB) AKC DNA#V735844

Dewmist Salentino

KSS JR701823ZR (11-13)

Mitcharron Love Bug of Francosvaley

LOF 1580633

Dewmist Serenissima

SKK S85041/2005


KSS 82776 ZR


JR 80732ZR

Astra Strazilovska

JR 80912ZR

DAM – Sweet Baby Face Roxanne

SR79570803 (10-15) LT GLDN

Silvermine Babyface Wyatt

SR60166703 (09-11) LT GLDN AKC DNA#651238

Rhett of Wolf Point

SR22578401 (12-05) LT GLDN (ROM) AKC DNA#V371936

Beloe Chudo U’mn Queen of the Dream

SR45634603 (04-09) LT GLDN (RUS) AKC DNA#V548660

Eva Cassandra

SR56090204 (10-10) LT GLDN

Strong Stael Shandy Shon

SR42637504 (09-08) OFA36G OFEL36 LT GLDN (RUS) AKC DNA#V508389

Sweet Carolinia Cassie

SR32093503 (12-07) OFA28G OFEL36 LT GLDN AKC DNA#V508383