Dixie Belle

Born 5/31/2014

Retired: 2020

Approx. Weight: 75lbs




Dixie is our Medium/Dark Red Golden Retriever from South Carolina. Her favorite activities include fetching, swimming in the pool, going on walks, belly rubs, kisses, and digging holes. Her favorite toys include balls and frisbees. She has a very friendly, sweet, loving, sometimes stubborn, and playful demeanor. She is extremely smart and always wants to be on the go. Even when pregnant, she would still constantly swim in the pool. She is a very good momma dog and loves her babies! Dixie has completed all of her basic training and has even been trained to do a secret handshake with dad! 

Dixie has produced many gorgeous babies and will now enjoy her retirement!!  She is looking forward to helping the other moms with their babies!

Pedigree of ” Dixie Belle Meyer ” SR83180402 GLDN

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE – Stan The Man Elliott

SR61126508 (06-12) GLDN AKC DNA#V731218

Jessie Duke Cooper

SR51406106 (06-10) LT GLDN AKC DNA#V613907

Cliford Riley Hallman

SR16362802 (08-05) DK GLDN AKC DNA#V615564

Allie Mae Hallman

SR40084701 (03-08) GLDN

Anna Bell Cooper

SR47149501 (05-09) LT GLDN

Bo Duke Cooper

SR34526305 (08-07) DK GLDN AKC DNA#V574886

Daisy Duke Cooper

SR33657501 (08-07) LT GLDN

DAM – Harley Gurl Elliott

SR49004607 (06-12) GLDN

Clay’s Bo Boy

SN61941201 (02-03) DK GLDN

Scott’s Lord Samson

SM92728508 (03-94) DK GLDN

Scott’s Lady Sheba

SM92692104 (03-94) GLDN

Bo’s Dixie Chick

SN89598403 (02-03) LT GLDN

Lord Samuel J Adams

SN57387901 (02-01) GLDN

One Lucky Penny

SN69358102 (02-01) GLDN