Shelby Rose Meyer

Born: 1/14/2019

Approx. Weight: 30 lbs

Shelby is a Dark Red Golden Retriever from North Georgia. She is a very adventurous, laid back, sweet, and loving little pup! All of our dogs really enjoy playing with her, and she is already able to keep up with everyone! She has not yet chosen any favorite toys since she plays with just about anything. Exploring the pool as it gets warmer has been our most recent adventure! She absolutely loves putting her face under the water and splashing around.

Pedigree of ” Shelby Rose Meyer ” SS10307504 DK GLDN

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE – Raphael Almaroad

SR82778708 (12-15) LT GLDN AKC DNA #V805927

Speer’s Mighty Mack

SR76268107 (07-14) GLDN AKC DNA #V734135

Nathan’s Rowdy Buddy

SR59995207 (08-12) GLDN

Jessicas Bailey Doodle

SR67280509 (08-12) GLDN

Ms. Ruby Tuesday

SR74226501 (09-14) GLDN

Maxwell Shadow Cove

SR38886205 (05-08) DK GLDN AKC DNA #V670425

Speer’s Star Maggie

SR50709706 (01-10) DK GLDN

DAM – Bonnie Blue Helms

SR81712115 (03-16) DK GLDN

Rhett Butler Helms

SR48727414 (03-10) LT GLDN

Sun Ray Charles

SR05300907 (10-04) GLDN AKC DNA #V424542

Southern Honey Sunny Girl Encore

SR32195503 (12-07) LT GLDN

Scarlet Ohara Helms

SR48335103 (03-10) DK GLDN

Chandler’s Jackson Reed

SR23420004 (08-06) DK GLDN AKC DNA #V436653

Chandler’s Hannah Beth

SR23584504 (12-06) DK GLDN